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For Sunday Services a member acts as the service leader and we arrange for a speaker to deliver the sermon (talk, lecture, presentation). We draw speakers from our congregation and from the community. Sunday services have featured visiting ministers from our faith or other faith traditions, lay leaders, artists, educators, philosophers, scientists, public servants, historians, professors, librarians, and other enthusiasts, as well as members of our own congregation. Many years we have engaged a contributing minister for 1 or 2 sermons a month and to be available for ministerial services and ceremonies.

Rev. Sam Byrd

Rev. Sam Byrd served our fellowship in 2017-2018 with monthy Sunday Services. Rev. Byrd has a Master of Theology and a Master of Divinity. He also serves as Minister at First Universalist Church in Westfield Center, Oh. He has a background in human rights issues.

Rev. Tim Barger

Rev. Dr. Tim Barger served our UU Lima congregation as Contributing Minister 2014-2017. Rev. Barger graduated from Meadville Lombard in 2009 and was ordained in the First Unitarian Church of Toledo, where he currently serves as Minister. He holds a Ph.D. in mass communications from Syracuse University and was religion editor of The Blade, the daily newspaper in Toledo, Ohio, under the byline TK Barger.

Article from the Summer 2014 issue of UU World
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Rev. Chuck Thomas

Rev. Chuck Thomas retired after more than twenty years with our congregation performing Sunday worship services once a month.

Rev. Thomas was ordained by First Unitarian Church of Dayton, Ohio, in 1984 and served that church until 1998, when First Unitarian merged into Miami Valley Unitarian Fellowship. He was affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Lima from 1990 until his retirement in 2014.

Rev. Ray Michel

Rev. Ray Michel (1920 - 2018) was a long-time friend of our Fellowship and an occasional guest minister for our Sunday services. He retired from First Universal Church in Eldorado, OH (near Dayton) in 1992 after 26 years as minister. Rev. Michel continued delivering occasional sermons as a guest ministor for many churches and fellowships in the area until 2016. Obituary     First Universal Church, Eldorado

Rev. Richard Venus

Rev. Richard Venus is an occasional guest minister for UU Lima. He has been an ordained minister for 50 years, and he has been a UU minister for 30 years. He most recently served the First Universalist Church of New Madison, Ohio retiring in 2018.     UUA Dirctory Information

Every Place is Holy Ground by Richard Venus. ISBN:1461104491

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