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About Us

In this small congregation, we believe in the power of the individual. Our members are wide-ranging in life experiences, education, interests, politics, and occupation. We take pleasure in the variety of our weekly worship services. Our speakers range from ordained Unitarian Universalist ministers to clergy of many other denominations, to community social workers, attorneys and doctors, philosophers and poets, jazz musicians and classical performers. Other fellowship events are social, intellectual, charitable, artistic, musical, cultural, academic, entertaining, or educational. We celebrate differences and find commonalities.


Anne Edwards Heros and Mentors

We engage a variety of speakers to deliver the sermon at our Sunday services. Speakers include ordained Unitarian Universalist ministers, clergy from other faiths, community members, educators, public figures and members of our own congregation.  
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Fellowship House

Lima's Unitarian Universalists congregate on Sundays, September through May, in the historic Fellowship House at 875 W. Market St. This stately house was built by Dr. Parent in 1912 and occupied as both his home and medical office. It was purchased by the Unitarian Fellowship of Lima in 1959. Members have avidly preserved much of the home to keep the quiet, relaxing atmosphere intact. Elegant wide woodwork and banisters along two staircases add to the warm ambiance of a less hurried time. The restructured porch and stair-free access ramp meld with the exterior appearance and maintain the classic style.   

Mission Statement

We, the Congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Lima, believe in creating an environment that encourages and nurtures self respect, life-long learning, spiritual growth and faith in action.


Love is the spirit of this church
And service is its law.
To dwell together in peace,
To seek the truth in love,
And to help one another --This is our Covenant.


We are a member of the national Unitarian Universalist Association.   UUA